7 song ep

by broman gorecastle

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released July 4, 2012



all rights reserved


broman gorecastle Montclair, New Jersey

Its okay to play shows when 3 people show up

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Track Name: It's ok to play shows when 3 people show up
alluding to the fact
we've all gone soft
this emptiness, this arrogance
is making me sick

so lets toast today
and break these chains
imply subtleties

when you pick up
all those pieces
if the shoe fits
an example to the
we've played on floors
and still repeating

battered instruments
our faces gleaming
suburban backyards
basements and the alleyways
who the fuck knows
Track Name: Billy Bob Thornton "Jamie Foxx" Turner Jackson
when you have no where to go
and no one to stress on
hard times
thats what were dealing with
i never felt so alone
striving for a place
to call our own

even though you got a
small stance on life
a tall world
a small world
dreams we sacrificed
striving for a place
to come alone

a thought
that poor bastards
better off
truth is that
this whole thing
was a scam
Track Name: Endorphines
we won't think about
were focused on

this time will
just fucking drive
it doesn't matter where
just getting
some fucking breeze
in my hair

freeing up some
space from you

forget about decline
ill get things right
this time
still my mind
is steady

on my track
theirs no looking back
now this time I'm ready

i like where we've been
and where were going
Track Name: Bathroom Season
so take these
words without meaning
we won't be
needing them

our glass is full
without purpose

breathing and beating
these chords

your brain moves your lips
without meaning
we won't be needing that

your sure as shit stare was once
tacit and appealing but
nobody's buying it

these chords tell a story
it has its own purpose
breathing and beating
look around and see
everyones anticipating

its not product that we want
its a reflection to see
brutalizing tracks
a definitive of me
someway, somehow
you lost your way

but hey we can't blame you

but its not product
were working for
heard it all before
our price
is not sold
Track Name: This weed tastes like weed?
in these 20 something years
he says
had gone so wrong

but this shit is evolving
when all is said and done

i know i got my friend
to watch my back
and keep me grounded

maybe this is a remedy
you get where were at

everybody's got the time
while i stuck writing rhymes

this weed tastes like weed
and this coffee taste like shit

I'm living life right now
let me call you back
and no one cares
thats cool and all
just get here on time
ill bring beers
don't you worry
about that

I'm lyrically constipated
Track Name: This man writes novels
have a red lung
but it breathes right
with the intention

lets make this fucking easy
just go your way
and ill go mine
im sick of bullshit and repeating
I'm getting off my knees

i love
janet jackson
and i write fast
without touching paper

and my words flow
if only i could keep my mouth shut
i try to act slick
and then it all falls off

story goes
another wasted time my friend
and i forget everything said to her
wishing for that storyline

wishing for just one last shot
Track Name: Gigantic

shine that light
i can't see where I'm going
backwoods in ohio
were on a devil ride
so here i sit
sober up
i fucking love this road

when summer swallowed us whole
then the november rain was cold
oh yeah but the little guys gotta eat
when i look back across this flight
maybe this would be in a book
while i look back for something wrong
one day but not for now

I'm just fucking life
she might get in a jab
but here right there
this is it
im so fucking
super positive
about life

hell yeah
ill be that