Greatest Shits

by broman gorecastle

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released April 23, 2013

recorded by pete august



all rights reserved


broman gorecastle Montclair, New Jersey

Its okay to play shows when 3 people show up

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Track Name: Classics
how many rad times
have we shared

so we take
time for traveling
time traveling

and these things
that you made
can get me anywhere

so here we are again
back where we started from
when it comes down to that
completely ignorant

the best times

walk these streets
a thousand times
with a thousand friends
i tried so hard
Track Name: You've Got the Touch ( You've Got The Power)
there you go again
please tell me something
at least were trying
its getting cliche
to make this something
thats insignificant

i fell
a recipe for disaster
this shit so real
our debt it rise
ill get it right

this is a sure fit
for your overthrow
a state you gained
but never realized
theres been a change
in your attitude
and you never even realized

i guess ill get it
but I'm struggling
to late for
fuck yous
in pretense

this wound stays open
insignificant to mend

Track Name: ST in the AZ
electrocute your stimuli
inebriate your cerebellum
the waves remain
deep in a haze
dilapidated ways
to maintain

a scheme
a dream
a disease that invades

one thing that always remains
what do you say when we leave

its just a test
as you must of guessed
analyze this lack of respect

refrain and unrestrained

Track Name: Endorphines
we think about
we'll focus on

this time will
just fucking drive
it doesn't matter where
just getting
some fucking breeze
in my hair

freeing up some
space from you

forget about decline
ill get things right this time
but still my mind is steady
focus on my track
theres no looking back
now this time
I'm ready

i like where we've been
and where were going

Track Name: Tonight is Your Night Bro
wish i was anywhere but here
back parking lots
i may seem lost
express mail
no destination
without intimidation

we are
all expressing
feelings of disillusion
for me
this matter's more than pressing
feeling so sick
grasping for air

i wonder
through the
ruins of my life
my old self
is just a
stranger to me

and i
can't stay when i'm losing focus